scale models

Norwalk Train Station

1/8″ = 1′-0″

Model features full lighting design and removable components.  Each piece is made with hand tools; no laser cutters or CNC equipment were used.  The lighting system alone took over one hundred hours to design and construct. Roughly twenty feet of wire is concealed within the model.


A concealed battery powers twenty-four LEDs on three custom circuit boards.  Ten LEDs provide direct lighting while the remainder feed approximately eight feet of fiber optic rod to the platform, elevator cabs, and bridge.  Thirty connectors allow each LED and circuit board to be individually removed for servicing.  The upper bridge features a provision for an extension to a neighboring building, reflecting the possibility of a future extension in the actual station.

Outdoor Pavilion

1/4″ = 1′-0″

Model shows two structural bays and serves to demonstrate the structural system functions.  All fasteners are readily available components from a local hardware supply.  Cables are tension adjustable with custom locking turnbuckles.  Mezzanine floor is modeled with matching grain cherry wood.

Maryland Residence 2

1/4″ = 1′-0″

Idaho Residence

1/8″ = 1′-0″

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